I often find myself amazed at how people have worn out the phrase “I love you” [really!!! Why?]. ⠀

written by @lyn_o_c

Funny fact, the phrase "WHAT IS LOVE" was the most searched on #GOOGLE in 2012(we are all confused and everybody is trying to to make sense of it). ⠀

That being said, “I Love U” could mean so many things in this age, i.e⠀

I love U = I love spending time with you⠀

I love U = I am happy that you came ⠀

I love U= I have no other option but to⠀

I love U = I really like you⠀

I love U = I want to have sex with U [ most times love isn't needed for this]⠀

This trend worries me and I wonder, DOES ANYBODY EVEN UNDERSTAND WHAT LOVE IS? The love we think we understand to an extent, is the divine love between God and his creations [in my case the love I have for GOD because I believe in him].

In 1 John 4:21 the Bible tells us, "Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another⠀

Now to the love that we mortals have bastardised, the love that couples share amuses me but the love-at-first-sight thing is a farce in my not so humble opinion. U know nothing about me [ I could be a serial killer, am I?], yet u would claim u love me even without knowing bare intricacies of me or if we are compatible [dear reader, I know it doesn't surprise u at how often that has been said but u see the number of people that have fallen for it? Now that will surprise you]. ⠀

My question to you is, when does your I love you = I love you [ void of any hidden message].

I am not gonna pretend like I know what it is because I don't, sometimes I think it's just a phrase people throw around to make one another feel better.⠀

I think Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting, it is all about what you are willing to give ( which has to be everything, no compromise) but the reality is, as humans we are selfish, nobody is willing to give everything. ⠀

Just when u think you are giving 100% you are actually just putting in 40%.

Think about giving someone your everything; your time, u plan, your whole world built around that person, every single thing u do, he/she has to be involved as they are affected by it.

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