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How i was inspired by Seyi Vodi... Mfon Ekpo

The secret of men are in their stories so here's one about me and a man the world now knows as @seyivodi

When I say to understand money and what I was resourced with, I sold rice on the streets of Abuja, people think I'm kidding 😶.I get their disbelief ,all they see is "Me in the present" -The profile , pictures with #Obama and his Young African Leaders Initiative, E.D of the #JohnMaxwellTeam , books with Brian Tracy, CEO The Discovery Centre , #TheFutureProject , #The BlueprintofHow etc.

But there's always a story behind the story and one witness I cant forget is Seyi .

While I sold rice at Yashua plaza , he was always there ,disturbing his friends who worked corporate jobs.He sold/made shirts at the time,I think, and was always hustling (ever ready with a tape rule 😏).

Seyi understood #influencermarketing before it became a #fad- always trying to get a certain caliber of people to wear his clothes. We had friends who worked in that plaza but we were unashamed of what we had-I, food and Seyi ,clothes. .

One day, I was sad cos I brought my food late and lunch time was over.

Seyi was sitting on a car as usual,then he beckoned me to come (I remember thinking ,"Dear sir , I'm not in the mood for fraternizing ,plus you didnt buy my food😆so why are you calling me? " 🙄 )but I obliged and went where he was .Then he said out of the blues,

"I'v been watching you and I just wanted to tell you what these guys dont know.You and I will NEVER be #poor -regarless of the economy .The world will always need what we have to offer-clothes and food .So even if though it doesnt look so now, we will never be poor".

FastForward almost 15 years later ...
Dear Seyi , you were right. I'v metamorphosed into giving people a lot more than physical food as have you,giving people a lot more than shirts -but the principle is the same .We'll never be poor not because  of a feel-good religious confession but because while men slept, we learnt how to put in the work ,to be in the #relentless pursuit of a 'YES' , to create value, and then to multiply money over and again.
So from this 'food seller' to this 'clothes seller' ,you should know- I am super proud of you! 🤗

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