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How to live a successful married life by Ali Baba

Every relationship is different. Compare only apples to apples. Don't compare apples to mangos.

Everyone grows up through different influences and trajectory. The person then gets shaped by those things and become the person you then encounter.

There are some people who do not experience
certain things all through their growing up years, when that person in question then encounters a situation, that that experience should have strengthened them with, they get torn apart by the shock of it.

Some women can take polygamy. They can be second wife, 6th wife, concubine, side chick, jilted at the altar, baby mama, widow, divorced... and continue like nothing happened. While some will break down beyond consolation.

Many will break up with a guy and never date again. But there are those who take it in their strides without breaking a sweat. Stop comparing your partners to other people.

The fact that Gbenga takes Kemi to go see a movie every other day doesn't mean you must insist on being taken. Because, you may just be surprised that Gbenga also doesn't pay for the movies. So how about that? Will you also now pay for the movies?

Bimbo always brings food for her husband in the office. Bless her. So because of that you are now quarrelling with your wife for not bringing you food just like Bimbo. Do you know if Bimbo's husband has a medical condition that requires food that can only be made with special recipe?

Don't compare your spouse to people who have not gone through the fire your spouse went through. Angela may have been brought up to believe 30 red roses matter more than a phone. Isohen may just be one who was brought up to be practical. A phone will last longer than 100 roses.

Don't let shame make you agree to what is beyond your capacity. If your colleague bought a car for his wife, are you enabled like your colleague?
If David let's his wife move to Canada and he remains here, it's not compulsory for Ahmed to let his wife move to Ireland while he remains in Kaduna. It might not work. Be guided

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