Giveaways!!!!!. Let me just state it here, I am not on Instagram for popularity drive. So, if you are following me for giveaways, you have missed the turn. So, turn around. Dont get me wrong, I hail those who do it and have sustained the giveaway thingy. I can do it but it's not my thing. When I hit 700,000 followers, I must have received over 60 something messages... Do giveaways. Do recharge cards. Share 5, 5k. 10k too. Make your followers happy. Don't chop alone.

You are too stingy. Ask questions lets win money. Share this money. Boys are not smiling. Look at So so and so. Oga make your boys happy. Let us feel you. Nothing is to small. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I had explained to as many as I could, then, that it's not in my DNA to do giveaways on Instagram. 

I thought that took care of it. For wiaaaa? Several messages have now and again continued to come in. Very often, when I check the pages of these boys asking for giveaways, their looks and profiles put them between the ages of 15 and 25. The next sets of accounts are the "anything for me and my children to eat" or "3000 for us to buy food accounts".

I usually block them, once they tick all the profiles, because, they uually get too many, that, you would have to keep deleting to get to serious DMs. AND I HAVE NOTICED THAT THOSE WHO ASK IN THE DM and don't get anything from you like they wanted, open other accounts, follow themselves, and lie in state, sorry lie in wait, for any controversial post.

Once they (the embittered lot) see the traffic of comments roasting you for a controversial post, they wake up those accounts. And the aim is usually to get a pound of flesh, for failing to shake body. So, if you are ONLY ON my page for giveaways, let me give you something on your way, from my page, you don catch ground. Odiodi for you.

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