In a recent chat with Saturday Beats, the Iyawo Mi singer said that like any other relationship, there are times he and his wife have heated arguments. He further revealed the most painful thing his wife had ever done to him, saying, “We were having an argument on WhatsApp one day and she blocked me. Immediately, I drove home.

When she returned, she said she did not want to drive while she was angry and that she also wanted me to bring my anger home so that we would talk about it. “Human beings fight but whenever we do, it is not ‘sweet’ simply because my wife does not speak Pidgin English. I am from Bayelsa and when people fight (there), they talk in Pidgin English. But when we have misunderstanding and she speaks fluent English, it is always funny to me and so I laugh.”

On the flip side, he recalled that one of the sweetest things she ever did for him was to plan a family vacation to one of his favourite spots.
Further speaking about his wife’s contribution to his life, the rhythm and blues singer described her as the calmness in his life. -Saturday Beats

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