Surgery addict, Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves was recently arrested and handcuffed for failing to provide police with a valid passport in Berlin, Germany.The 35-year-old who was in Germany to film for a TV show for the PRO7 German TV network was arrested for carrying his old expired passport and taken to the station in handcuffs.

He was later released after a scan of his new passport was brought to the station.Speaking after his arrest, he told MailOnline: 'I was filming for a TV show for the PRO7 German TV network and during filming, the crew were stopped by police who asked to check our ID's. .

. 'They wanted to know that we had permission from the local consul in Berlin to film in the streets.All the paperwork for filming was fine, but I was arrested because I was accidentally carrying my old expired passport and not my new one. .

. 'It was not possible for the police to Face ID me because I now look so different to the photo. Someone had to bring a scan of my new passport for me to be released.' The reality star has spent over £500k on surgery over the years in a bid to change his appearance and look young.

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