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Late Iconic Nigerian Producer, Ojb Jezrel Wife accused of killing her husband

Recent news and reports has pointed out that all is not well the Okungbowas, family of the late Iconic Producer Ojb Jezrel. It is said that his family had turned another face to the wife of the late producer, Mrs Mabel Okungbowa, who donated a kidney for Ojb before his untimely  dismise.

According to her, the rift had begun with her husband's family since her husband died. .
. "...his family keep accusing me of stealing the documents, despite the fact that they all know the documents are with his lawyers. They've dragged me to court and used police to arrest me several times. Its really tiring" she said.

Further reports claims that Ojb's father, Pa Anthony Okungbowa and his family wants Mabel to vacate the house with her kids. However, she (Mabel) claims she has been able to get a restraining order from the court, against the family of her late husband and their military allies, while the next hearing case comes up on November 22nd.

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