This is so sad, no light at the international airport
Passengers going MAD because officials started allowing foreigners to go to the other side or the airport, where there is electricity.

One woman was yelling "would they do this for us if we were in their country?

Many times the departure hall has been plunged into darkness, leading to outrage by passengers, stakeholders and other users of the terminal, who have been forced to ask what it would cost to have regular supply at the airport.

Globally, airports are either connected directly to the national grid or they run their own independent power plants to ensure that there is no hitch in the logistics of air travels.

Experts say uninterrupted power supply to airports remain critical because of inherent safety and security considerations.

According to them, uninterrupted power supply to airports, besides enhancing operational efficiency of lighting, baggage handling, airline check-in counters, scanners and other security screening equipment, must conform to various international safety standards for strict power supply and lighting provision.

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