The Nigerian Government is offering the sum of N10,000 loan to all traders without collateral which has begun in Lagos state.

According to the government they developed this idea to support traders and those who just began their businesses to enable them meet their needs and pay back after six months.

Some groups of Yoruba traders have revealed that the APC  government are doing it to get their votes in 2019 as they advised fellow yorubas not to sell themselves again for money.

A yoruba trader who asked for her name not to be mentioned told our correspondent that, some group of people said to be working with the government are giving us 10k loan without filling any document. It shows something is fishing and I am not ready to sell my vote for N10,000 no matter how much they offer us, we will not co-operate she says and urged her fellow traders to be wise.

An Igbo trader who sells in Ketu market told our reporter that, the money he spends on transportation only in a week is more than the 10k government is offering to Lagos traders. He added that any political party that wants to buy vote and the minds of the people should increase the offer to 1 million Naira each. I am not selling my vote for the same amount I spend in a week, it shows I made no gain he said.

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