A team of science genius, led by Menelaos Apostolou from the University of Nicosia (located in 
Cyprus) took their time to ask men on Reddit why they thought they were still single.

After analyzing more than 6,700 comments, here is a complete list of the 43 TOP reasons why people are unable to find a partner.

Here is the complete list:

I'm definitely sure you will find where you fit right in.

1. Poor looks (including baldness, and short stature)

2. Low self-esteem/confidence 

3. Low effort 

4. Not interested in relationships 

5. Poor flirting skills 

6. Introverted 

7. Recently broke up 

8. Bad experiences from previous relationships 

9. No available women 

10. Overweight 

11.Different priorities 


13.Too picky 


15.Lack of time 

16.Social awkward 

17.Enjoying being single 


19.Poor character 

20.Difficult to find women to match 

21.Poor mental health

22.Lack of achievements 

23.Stuck with one girl 

24.Lack of social skills 

25.Have not got over previous relationship 

26.Don’t know how to start a relationship 

27.Lack of money 

28.I do not trust women 

29.Not picking up clues of interest

30.Sexual issue 

31.Fear of relationships 

32.I am not interesting'

33.Fear of rejection 

34.I will not be a good partner' 

35.Attracted to the wrong women


37.Given up

38.Is not worth the effort 

39.Fear of commitment 

40.Health — disability issue

41.Difficult to keep a relationship 



So I'm definitely certain you will found where you fit right in.. so work on it and tie the knot!!!

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