The DMW boss, Davido has allowed his aggression to lead him to a state of near ruin, as the singer has made Gambia’s list of wanted foreign offenders. This was after the singer assaulted a celebrity photographer in the Gambia to near death.

According to reports, a certain star-struck young girl had gotten all over Davido the moment she was in proximity with him. Over and again, she took selfies with him but seemed not to be okay with the several shots she had taken with the pop star. When Davido sat to have a meal, the same girl went running to his table to take more selfies.

That was when Davido got sick and tired of her clinginess and screamed at her, telling her to get out! Seeing that attitude as rude, the nearly deceased Gambian celebrity photographer who had come over to cover Davido’s event, stepped in. He told OBO that star-struck girls like that will always lose themselves in the presence of big stars like him.

But his words only angered Davido all the more and he slammed a very thick and heavy cognac glass directly at the photographer, crushing his lips and skull and leaving him nearly dead. Davido even attempted finishing him up by smashing his head with a Heineken bottle but his bouncers stepped in. Now he’s wanted in the Gambia.

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