Everything in life seems to come with a price tag along with it, just like how having great curves might reduce the chances of having flashboard abs! However, with a few tricks up your sleeves, you could get away with achieving a perfect look devoid of bulging flabs and tummy fat without going on a whirlwind diet.

Do you have that little black dress you’d love to rock but your tummy fat won’t let you? This post is just for you! Continue reading to discover ways of hiding belly fat without stress.

Body posture 
A slouchy posture is only going to make your tummy bulge more glaring. Hence, if you’re sitting or slouching it is important you make conscious effort to strike a good posture. This way you prevent the likelihood of getting your abdominal muscles getting lax.

You should definitely try these body-fittings but comfy undergarments if you want your tummy bulge and flabs tucked away for that little body-hugging dress. Shapewear or waist cinchers literally make your belly fat nonexistent!

Avoid skinny outfits 
Clingy tops aren’t ideal if you are serious about hiding tummy fat. However, this doesn’t mean you should shroud yourself with baggy wears. And this is where dressing smartly in appropriate colors and patterns comes in.

Know your colors and fabrics
Dark colors, flowy fabrics and vertical patterns should be your ultimate get-up; they not only help conceal belly fat but also make you appear slimmer and taller.

Embrace that layered look!
Layering works like magic in hiding your frailties, achieve a layered look with your oversized plaid shirt worn over a tank top or blazers with a shirt. If you can manage to get this look then you can get away with concealing your tummy fat under all that layers.


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