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These are the signs of Anaemia you must know

Women are more prone to be anaemic than men, understandably. Women, on an average, lose more blood cells in a year than an average man might in five years. Therefore, it’s no surprise that a lot of women of childbearing age are anaemic and don’t even know it.

Anaemia is a decrease in the number and volume of red blood cells in the body. Our red cells are transport cells, carrying oxygen to the organs that need it and carbon dioxide out. Imagine what a deficit of red cells could cause.

If you’re experiencing these symptoms, you might be anaemic.

Fatigue: Anaemic people could be tired even after sleeping the whole night, feeling listless and unmotivated.

Irritability: Maybe it’s the lack of oxygen, but anaemic people are more prone to bursts of anger and temper.

Insomnia: Often accompanied by tiredness, it’s the inability to fall asleep even when you’re tired.

Paleness: In serious cases, people living with anaemia are visibly pale and have paper-like skin.

Depression: If life seems very dark lately, then maybe you should have a blood test done.

There is no substitute for seeing a doctor. You should never try to self-treat anaemia by yourself. Iron poisoning can be fatal.

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