Suspected robbers left a note behind threatening to come back, after they were left frustrated by the absence of their victims from home.The incident happened at Grace Estate, in Iyesi area of Ado Odo/Ota Local Government Area of Ogun State, after the robbers broke into a three-bedroom apartment when the occupants were away from home.

According to reports, the robbers were said to have made attempt to enter the apartment through the main entrance to the building, but they could not open the main door.It was said that the robbers broke into the building through the ceiling of an adjoining flat and carted away one of the electronic gadgets in the house.

They were also said to have made attempt to break into the rooms, but the doors were too strong for them to unlock or vandalise. Apparently frustrated over their not too successful operation caused by the absence of occupants of the building, the hoodlums were said to have left a note promising to return at no given date.

The note sighted by The Nation reads:
‘’We are coming back o !!! Goodluck.’’

Speaking with The Nation, the owner of the building, Dare Ogunyombo explained that he was away from home for some days with his family, when the gang visited his residence. He said:
the suspected robbers visited my residence while I was away from home with my wife and children. They ransacked the house and scattered everywhere.
I noticed that they fruitlessly tried to force their way into my apartment through the main door to the building.
They however broke the ceiling of the next flat and entered my apartment through the roof, while they carted away a satellite television decoder in the living room. .
They also made attempt to enter my room but the door was too strong for them to unlock or break. I guess they were in a hurry to rob and because they were frustrated, they left a note on the table threatening to come back for me and my family.’’

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