When you get into a new relationship, it is exciting. You are happy, practically glowing and you two can't get enough of each other. This seems sweet but then it can become too much. 

A relationship where either partner is smothering the other is probably more dangerous than one in which there is emotional distance. It can kill the love because too much clinginess makes you grow weary of the relationship. 

If you have noticed that either you or your partner is clingy, here is how to fix it.  

1. Talk about it

If you notice it in yourself or him, you should bring up the matter for honest discussion. Being silent could cause resentment. 

2. Identify why

If it is something you do, ask yourself what the root cause is or ask him why he feels the need to always be around you. You may discover that it is trust, abandonment, insecurity, etc. issue and that will give you a starting point for seeking solutions.

3. Set boundaries 

If you two are used to texting all the time or calling each other every hour, you could set a maximum number of times that you two reach out. When you have found a healthy balance then you can relax. 

4. Consciously spend time apart

Make effort to be away from each other. Cultivate relationships with other people so that your relationship life will be whole and balanced. 

5. Have individual projects 

You don't have to do everything together. You can be aware of what you are both up to but try having an autonomous project, something you are working on that is independent of your partner. 

6. Remain in touch with your feelings 

Inasmuch as you are trying to create balance and be more independent of each other, don't forget that you are still a team. Remind and reassure each other of how in love you both are.

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