We live in an evolving world. What employers are looking for these days is far different from what it was 10 years ago. To beat the competition, you need to be forward-thinking and able to adapt. Therefore, what job skills are Human Resource (HR) managers looking out for?

You are in luck because I am about to share what I came across recently. The following are the job skills that are taking precedence:

1. Emotional intelligence- Artificial Intelligence is taking the lead but companies need those who can give a human touch to jobs.

2. Analytical thinking- Companies need people who can connect dots out of large data and think strategically.

3. Adaptability- This is the quality of being able to learn actively and grow with changing times.

4. Social influence and people management- The world has grown beyond leadership. You must be someone who can influence others, train and lead them to maximize their potential.

5. Creativity and innovation- Computers may be able to optimize old solutions but companies need people who can think about tomorrow and create new solutions.

6. Technology design- simply put, new technology will always be ‘hot cake’.

7. Critical thinking and complex-problem solving- This has to do with being able to see patterns and beyond that, logically move from point A to point B in a way that reduces problems to opportunities.

8. Persuasion- Companies may have great ideas and products but they need people who understand the subtle art of convincing people to buy it.

9. Time management- There is a growing need for those who can get the most done in the shortest possible time.

10. Collaboration- This is teamwork on another level; being able to effectively and seamlessly work with diverse groups of people.

This list may look daunting but it is to push you to find a niche and work harder at developing yourself at it.

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