1. Pay attention to your re-occurring thoughts, that’s usually how the spirit speaks to me.

2. Picture Him standing front.of you.

3. Try & reword repetition. Don’t say' nourish & strengthen.' What if instead, you ask that it will be good to your body, or that it won’t make you sick, or that you won’t overeat (I literally do this ‘cuz I need help, haha).

4. When possible, kneel. It does make a difference.

5. As much as possible, pray out loud.

6. Pray in the car & shower - usually the most productive & open conversations are in there when you can “ramble” to Him & have time to think & ponder & listen & not feel rushed.

7. Listen & ponder for a third of the time you took to pray.

8. Specific prayers receive specific answers. Vent. Be honest. 
Tell Him when things don’t make sense, or when things suck. My most productive prayers are when I am completely transparent with doubts & questions & concerns.

9. Your night time prayers don’t necessarily have to be right before hopping into bed - it’s ok to do it a little sooner so you’re more conscious for it.

10. When you are too tired, still pray. Saying, ‘Hi, I love you, let’s talk tomorrow,” keeps you in the habit, & shows him you’re thinking of Him.

11. Ben & I sometimes tell Him jokes. Idk what you want me to say about that haha, but I think He likes it & it makes him feel real to us, b/c He is.

12. Ask for help with your prayer. Address Him, then say, “please help me with this prayer.” I find myself saying/thanking/asking for things I didn’t think of until then, then He can help me in the way He sees fit & I feel like I really am “asking in spirit for that which is right." —What are some things to add? Tell me in the comments:

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