Many of us think that happiness is a myth but it is not. It is all about our habits and series of decisions we make, more often than not.

It does not take so much to be happy or to get yourself out of the cesspool of a bad mood. There are 3 basic areas of your life that you can make changes to and that will impact your overall happiness. Small changes yet big results.

1. Mind your music

Music is extremely powerful. That is why there is such a thing as music therapy which has been proven to help those with anxiety disorder.

The truth is that the type of music you listen to can go a long way in impacting your mind and mood. The nature of its lyrics and melody is one thing you should take note of. If you are looking to relax, go for jazz music and not mournful songs. Upbeat songs with positive lyrics generally improve one's mood.

2. Limit use of cellphones

We don't have to go over the negative effects of cell phones, how they distract one, reduce attention span, and induce anxiety and depression. Therefore, if you reduce how much you use your phone, you stand a better chance of being happier. One way you can do that is by deciding to keep your bedroom as a cellphone-free zone. Once you enter your room, don't use your phone.

3. Work during the day only

Studies show those who work night shifts or at night while at home tend to be more irritable and less happy. Therefore, plan your day in a way that works solely during the day so that you don't get robbed of a proper night's sleep. If you must work at night, don't make a habit of it.

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