Still in the spirit of the New Year, many are talking about people and habits to cut off as well as the ones to pick up. Even though the general emphasis is on habits, you must be aware that there are also behaviours that you need to give up.

These attitudes will impede your progress and limit your scope of influence. I know these are beginning to sound like clichés but whether we like it or not, 2019 must obey! I will keep bombarding you with content like this till I am convinced that you are overflowing with it, and then are convinced to change.

1. Being a people-pleaser

Aunty, you cannot please everyone. And if you make the mistake of assuming that somehow if you can be perfect then people will accept you, you are on a ‘long thing’. Human beings are insatiable so just focus on being yourself and growing.

2. Living in the past

We all make mistakes. There is no need to harangue yourself over it. The past is gone but you have the gift of today to correct your mistakes. If you keep living in the past, you will remain trapped there.

3. Being scared of change

I think adaptability has to be one of the most important life skills. The world is changing rapidly so you must be able to change along with it so you remain relevant. This does not mean you should abandon your core values. But then be able to find relevance in some way, even when others are becoming redundant.

4. Shrinking your size

I don’t mean that literally. I am referring to when you put yourself down because you want to make someone else look better or because you feel inadequate. Girl, strut your stuff and flaunt your strengths. It is not arrogance; you are just being self-aware.

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