There’s more to this popular fizzy drink than we all could ever imagine! It is not just great for a chill time with the guys over a barbecue or roasted ripe plantain; it is equally beneficial in other ways. All thanks to its alkaline content, sodium bicarbonate.

Check out this list of unusual ways of getting the best out of that bottle of Coke.

Remove Rust
Pour a good amount of Coke into a large bowl and then soak rusted items overnight, scrub with a sponge to get off the rust residue.

Grime removal
Coca-Cola could help you get rid of dirt, grease and grime generally, either it is clogged up in the nooks of your toilet system, window panes or even your kitchen utensils. Simply wipe the affected items with Coke and dirt will peel away easily.

Kill Rats
Get rid of pesky household rats with just a sensible amount of Coca-Cola in a bowl. Place the bowl in a strategic place in the house, the instant your victims lap up the delicious drink they won’t be able to expel gas then they die.

Alleviate hiccups
If drinking water doesn’t get rid of your hiccup, then you really should try gargling a mouthful of Coke in the back of your throat. It works all the time!

Reduce inflammation
Soothe pain, irritation or inflammation of the skin caused by mosquito bites by dabbing the affected skin areas with Coke. You should get instant relief from the pain in record time.

Add to your compost pile
Whoever thought Coca-Cola could perform other uses in the garden asides from refreshment! Well, word out there is that mixing Coke with your compost pile improves the health and vitality of microorganisms and in turn, your plants and flowers experience rapid healthy growth.

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