As the reality of Nigerian politics keep dawning on Nigerian singer, Banky-W, the singer, rather than back out like many wish he does, is trying to defy the odds that stand against him and prevail in his political pursuit come 2019.

After his campaign posters were defaced overnight, he realized how much money had just been lost. Having spent a lot of cash on getting all those posters printed, he didn’t reap from them.

Now, Banky has realized that the game will cost him more money. But it seems he can’t afford to generate all that money alone. So he’s now soliciting for funds.

On IG, he wrote: “I need your backing to reach them and win this seat. We need billboards and more airtime on TV/Radio/Online. We need a lot more visibility on the grassroots and we need to host a massive rally for thousands of young people to drive home our message. Your financial contribution will go a long way in achieving this and more."

“With your donations and encouragement, we can pull off what will be a historical win for this entire generation of young people. This is bigger than me. For those abroad, the GoFundMe link is on my profile. Thanks and God bless.”

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