Many of us like to look glam, especially with the festivities in the air. Thus, one of the ways we do that is by visiting the manicurist/pedicurist to give our nails a makeover.

However, what you might not realize is that such an innocent visit can get you going back home with a truckload of diseases. Common harmful microorganisms found at the manicurist are organisms causing skin infections, hepatitis, and HIV because the manicurist does not use gloves, sanitize the instruments or keep the environment clean. This tells you that you should take this article seriously.

I won't advise you to stay away from the manicurist altogether (though limiting the number of visits may be advisable) but you can do certain things.

1. Ask questions about the sterilization process of their instruments. This will tell you if they esteem hygiene or not. If you are certain that they didn't sterilize an instrument and they are about to use it on you, then insist that they do.

2. Go with yours. If you don't trust the manicurist's cleanliness then go with your own manicure pack.

3. Don't shave right before a visit to this beautician. Shaving exposes your skin some more to cuts.

4. Insist that the manicurist wears latex gloves and washes his/her hands before working on your nails.

5. Get a hepatitis B vaccination.

6. If you can, avoid soaking your feet and hands. It has been found that fungi causing skin infections are often found in such tubs of water.

7. Avoid nail salons if you have diabetes.

Better safe than sorry!

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