When you have lost your self respect in your relationship, it is quite difficult to get it back, but you have to, if you love your partner and still wants to continue the relationship. These are tested ways that can help you regain your self respect.

1. Understanding your importance
You must come to an understanding of the fact that you are too important to be treated like a nuisance. You are worthy of respect. Believe in yourself.

2. Put your foot down
If something doesn't suit you, be brave enough to voice your opinion. When you voice out your opinion, it gives him a second thought about decisions he has to make. And be sure to give tangible explanations with your option.

3. Be ready for his objection 
Of course, when he notices the change in you, he won't be pleased. So be ready for that. And if he can't handle the change, walk away. But mind you,  avoid raising your voice to prove your point, soft answer chases out anger.

I hope this has helped you.

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