Abdulsalam Salaudeen, a 43-year-old Islamic cleric in Igando, Lagos State, who was arrested for allegedly raping his five-year-old Arabic schoolgirl, has owned up to committing the crime.The father of five blamed the crime on the handiwork of his enemies whom he said had cast a spell on him.

Salaudeen, in an interview with City Round during the week, claimed that he had been having a running battle with spiritual forces for years.He said on Friday, December 28, 2018 when the incident happened at a section of the Arabic school on Awoyemi Street, Igando Road, he fought the devil back and forth by saying aausubillahi (God forbid) to no avail.

The native of Oyo State explained that he was accused of raping a girl in his class some years ago when he was living at Ikotun, a neighbouring community, adding that shame forced him to relocate to Igando. “It is the work of the devil,” he said in Yoruba, burying his head in his right palm.

He went on, “I have been living in Lagos for 25 years. I have a wife and five children. My wife and three of the children live with me. My wife does not deny me of sex. The girl was brought for Arabic class about five months ago. On that day, I asked her to go and sweep a section of the class. 

The place was separated by a wall and I followed her. I asked her to stand on a bench and face the wall. I rolled up her skirts and removed her panties. As I wanted to penetrate her from the anus, I said ‘aausubillahi, aausubillahi (God forbid)’. It was the devil that pushed me to it. My penis only grazed her private parts. 

“While I was living in Ikotun, I was accused of raping one of the children attending my class. But I did not rape the girl. She needed a uniform we used in the class and I took her to a tailor to take her measurements.

I have been battling with spiritual wars since then. My enemies are many and they have been casting spells on me. I relocated to Igando and started a new Arabic class.”

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