Nigerian rapper, Ycee, who took the Nigerian music industry by a storm with his “Too Much Juice, Too Much Source” hit, has made a very shocking revelation concerning the state of his finance. According to him, he is a broke artiste.

The singer decided to let the cat out of the bag after a fan tried to give him career advice that would see him bringing back the “Too Much Juice, Too Much Source” days. He told the singer to try and come up with a hit tune very soon, else his name will make it to the list of singers who have gone into relegation due to musical barrenness.

It all played out on Twitter where the said fan reached out to the rapper. The fan wrote this to Ycee: “Your career is not good. You should do something about it before you go broke.” One would have thought that Ycee will most likely take offence to such comment. But rather than lash out on the fan, the singer acknowledged actually being broke.

He replied the fan saying: “I’m broke already. Nothing spoil.” As strange as that was, what was strange is the fact that many fans were not surprised, as he was already being seen as a broke artiste by them. So it was nothing new to many

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