An entire family lost their lives because of a driver driving under the influence of alcohol.
Issam Abbas, 42, his wife, Dr. Rima Abbas, 38, and their children: Ali, 14; Isabella, 13, and Giselle, 7.

They were driving back home from a vacation in Florida when they got into a fatal accident on I-75 in Lexington, Kentucky. All five occupants were instantly killed when a pickup truck, driven by 41-year-old Joey Lee Bailey, smashed into their car, while driving in the wrong direction on I-75 around 2.30am Sunday.

The Northville family, including Issam, who was a real estate broker, and his wife, Rima, a doctor, were just returning from their family vacation, according to Detroit Free Press.
Rima was a well-known doctor in Dearborn with Beaumont Health.

Her husband, Issam, worked as a realtor in the area. The family was very involved in their community. 
Bailey, of Georgetown, Kentucky, is suspected of driving under the influence. He was also killed.
 Toxicology results for Bailey are pending. 

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