The mystery behind industry lovers, Simi and Adekunle Gold who did a low profile wedding has now been unraveled, as the couple is said to be expecting a baby soon. Simi was pregnant for Adekunle Gold before their wedding.

For years, Simi and Adekunle Gold had been rumored to be having an affair. However, the rumor was yet to be confirmed, as both artistes endeavored to keep their affair on the low.

All the while, they were pretty much sexually active. And towards the end of 2018, they got really active to the point where Simi took in for Adekunle Gold.

In an effort not to join the celebrity babymama and babydaddy league, the young lovers decided to tie the knots before it became obvious that Simi had taken in.

Also knowing that a publicized wedding would sell them out, they opted for a low profile wedding that was attended by just 300 guests. That notwithstanding, they’ve been found out.

An insider confirmed the report that Simi is already on the pregnancy journey. Close persons, especially those at the wedding spotted Simi with a bulge, a growing baby bump. We’ll bring you more details the moment we gather more.

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