We like to convince ourselves that giving up and letting go is something that only quitters and losers do. But we forget that quitting is not always a bad thing and one sign of wisdom is to genuinely understand when to let go.

Letting go is very hard, especially when you keep receiving mixed signals. And in most cases, you can’t really measure when it is worthy enough to let go off and that can lead you to keep holding on to things that do not necessarily benefit you.

Sometimes, instead of hoping blindly and holding on to something that isn’t showing any sign of progress, it is best you move on and allow space for growth and development.

Another difficult thing after letting go is moving on. Moving on is hard and most times you feel stuck and helpless.

But just because it is hard doesn’t mean that it is impossible. It is nice to know when to quit and it is nice to try again and remember not all people are the same and sometimes this process can happen more than once but that doesn’t mean better things are not yet to come.

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