Before you blame your sweat glands for producing offensive stinking sweat, know before-hand that body sweat naturally has no odor at all. What makes it stink is bad bacteria that ferment in it! So dear, you’re curious about why your sweat stinks really badly now, right?

Body deodorant 
You need not worry about replacing your old bottle of antiperspirants because according to health experts, your everyday body spray or deodorant actually encourages more bacteria growth in your underarms rather than quelling unpleasant odors.

We all know that odorous foods like onions, garlic, beans, etc., make the body smell like a garbage bin in a few hours’ time. But you probably didn’t know that nutritional deficiencies could also contaminate your sweat glands and make them smell gross! Supplementing on foods rich in magnesium, like leafy greens and nuts and even chocolate should tone things down a bit.

Bathroom habits 
If you’ve always been the type to hold off using the bathroom until you can’t bear it any longer. Then your body odor issues might just stem from that. Scientists have managed to discover that holding your urine or feces might just make ‘ammonia’ ooze from your skin pores, making you smell like poo.

High-stress levels or anxiety also means bad news for your body odor. This is how it works when you are stressed out your body releases a stress hormone called cortisol this is what sets your sweat glands in overdrive. This combined with bacteria equal to unpleasant body odor.

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