We all have expectations but they should be realistic.

What then are the unrealistic notions about love that the media and society have fed us with?

1. There will be no fights

Somehow, some of us think that once you fight in your relationship then that means it is over. However, fights are inevitable and help you understand each other better.

2. Everyone will like him 

The fact that you like him a lot does not mean that everyone else in your life would. Remember that he is not perfect and even if he was, every other person still has a personal preference.

3. Thinking that you will always have your way

He may profess undying love for you but that does not mean that you will have your way always because what he wants counts too.  Also, there are other things that may be priorities at that particular time.

4. Assuming he will always understand you

Being compatible does not mean that you two share a mind. Therefore, there might be times that he does not have the faintest clue of what you are feeling or going through if you don't open up.

5. It is his job to make you happy 

Excuse me, you are wrong to think this! It is no one's job to be responsible for your happiness; that is on you. If you can't be happy on your own then no one else can make it happen.

6. You must always be together 

You are not conjoined twins but you both have your lives to live so why would you expect to spend each waking moment together?

7. He's all you need in your circle

Your man is not enough. You can't expect him to be all you need for a full social life or support system so don't cut family and friends off.

Relationships require work and you must be willing to put that in or you will be miserable. 

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