Many of us are concerned about how much weight we gain but we don't realize how some of our habits may be putting us at the risk of putting on more.

Well, the way you sleep can affect your weight gain. Poor sleep makes it increase. Mind you, poor sleep here is not just about duration but quality, as well. Do you feel well-rested when you wake up?
Let me show you how sleep affects your weight.

1. It influences physical activity 

Lack of sleep can make you too tired during the day to engage in any activity. It drains your motivation, thus leading to a more sedentary lifestyle and weight gain.

2. It can increase your appetite 

Poor sleep increases your appetite because it increases production of the hunger hormone, ghrelin (which makes you hungry) and increases cortisol, the stress hormone which may increase hunger too.

3. It determines how well you can fight cravings

Sleep affects the way your brain works. So this is why the willpower to fight food temptations may lower with poor sleep. A study showed that when participants were allowed only 4 hours of sleep, their calorie intake increased by 22%.

4. It affects insulin resistance 

Poor sleep can make you insulin resistant, thus increasing its levels in your bloodstream. The excess insulin in your bloodstream makes you hungrier.

5. It influences your RMR 

RMR refers to your resting metabolic rate. It is how much calories your body burns while at rest. One study shows that sleep deprivation can lower your RMR and muscle loss.

This tells us that beyond our cognitive function, sleep affects a lot of things and should be taken more seriously.

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