Too many Africans see vacations as a waste of money, yet it is a time to relax, bond with loved ones and opens up to new experiences.

It is a New Year and if you have taken my advice to beginning planning for a vacation now, then here are questions to guide you in choosing the best destination.

1. How much can you afford? 

This seems like common sense but some of us like to show off or don't believe in baby steps. Thus, it is imperative that you juxtapose your income against places you might go to. Can you conveniently afford it? Of course, I am not saying you should settle for something cheap but ensure that as you put money aside, it is not all your life savings you are sinking into it.

2. What do you want out of the vacation?

Your vacation should have a purpose. It is not just about going somewhere nice and blowing money away. Are you in need of rest or just a new experience? It will determine the kind of places to go.

3. Is the environment serene? 

For whatever reason you are going on the vacation, I don't think it makes sense to go somewhere that will not give you an environment to relax. You may be out seeking adventures but it should also be away from the urban hustles that your normal life is all about.

4. Will it widen your horizons?

One of the beautiful things about vacations is that you learn new things in some way, be it culture, food etc. Ensure that you are not going back the same way you arrived. It should be a place that gives you new memories and exposes you.

A vacation does not have to be outside your country. It could even be within your state of residence, as long as it offers something new and relaxing. 


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