Women cheat on their partner for many reasons, it could be they feel used or unappreciated enough or they find their man not fulfilling their sexual desires. So, if your woman has been acting off lately and you’re wondering if she’s got a new man out there, you might want to check out signs that she may be cheating on you.

She looks noticeably different

Having a new flame out there might induce a distinct change in your girlfriend’s overall appearance. If she now sees dieting and regular exercise in a new light, or she suddenly pays more mind to her outfits and makeups her face just to run a simple errand; there’s definitely something or someone behind the drastic change in her.

She itches for a fight

If your sweet as a sweetheart girlfriend turns to a nag overnight, it’s either you are not doing something right or she’s got her eyes set on a new guy out there whose perfection makes you appear inadequate to her.

Loses interest in sex

It is common for women who cheat on their partner to suddenly have a strong dislike for physical intimacy. They give lame excuses when their man makes a move on them in bed, and when they give in reluctantly they’re often unresponsive and distant. If she’s getting hot, steamy sex from someone out there then no doubt she won’t be thrilled having regular sex with her main man.

She avoids confrontation

When you try to at least find out what is wrong with your relationship, she either gets all defensive to cover up her guilt or she deflects and changes the topic.

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