Fights are inevitable parts of any relationship. While they may be beneficial in helping you two get closer, they should not happen too often because they could also drive you apart. Ironic, right?

What simple tips can you employ to help you fight less then?

1. Put yourself in his shoes 

This simple technique of being empathetic can save you both a lot of arguments and heartache. Many of most couples' fights are because someone is being selfish. However, by putting yourself in the other person's shoes to see what the person is going through or perspective he is coming from, you cut away half of your fights.

2. Avoid third parties

Many quarrels could have been avoided if you kept your issues between yourselves. But at times, giving a thirty party access to your relationship in any way can drive a wedge between you two. It might be deliberate or simply because the person does not understand the unique dynamics of your relationship.

3. Do not compare 

Another source of avoidable fights is comparing your relationship with someone else's or some idea in your head. Holding on to some notions makes it harder for you two to be happy. Be content with the reality of who your partner is and what he can offer.

4. Express yourself as and when due

You would fight less if you learnt to be more open about your feelings. Personally, I learnt this in a hard way. When you bottle up your emotions in the name of being the bigger person, you pile up issues for later and when you can't take it anymore, you will explode and no one will be able to bear the explosion. Therefore, it is best to say what you feel when you feel it. If he upsets you, open up.

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