Most of us work in hierarchical environments so the thought of your boss flirting with you may get you in panic mode. However, let us find out if he is really flirting with you first.

1. Preferential treatment

Observe how he treats other people. If he singles you out and gives special treatment repeatedly, for no just cause then he is most likely flirting with you.

2. Talking about non-work stuff

You two could be talking about work one moment and the next, he is steering the conversation into personal issues like your preferences, excessive compliments or love life.

3. He buys you things

It may start out in an innocent way like he went on vacation and got you a souvenir but if he does not extend this to others, then he is most likely flirting.

4. He asks you out

It may not be like a date but he may ask you to tag along for lunch or invites you to his office to have lunch with him.

5. He texts/calls you beyond work hours

He may even disguise it as work-related but then he makes a habit out of it. You should nip this in the bud and respectfully say you would rather adhere to your work hours.

6. He touches you

From a tap on the shoulder, knee or lower back, he has a thing for touching you often.

Now, these signs will often come to play when he is flirting. If there is a rule against romantic involvement with co-workers and his attention makes you uncomfortable, you should speak to HR. If you are worried about your job then make your complaint anonymously.

You could also try telling him off on your own in a subtle manner like, "Sir, I would prefer to keep your relationship professional."

I believe these tips will help.

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