The self acclaimed Omo Baba Olowo has declared himself a politically free entity who does not owe his loyalty to any of the parties in Nigeria. However, the pic that accompanied this statement had him rocking a PDP customized shirt.

Just days back, the pop star had taken to one of his social media pages to make known that he is not biased in his choice of candidate as regards the coming election. According to him, he has different candidates from different parties that he will vote into power. His candidates cut across parties like PDP, MDP, AAC, and APC.

However, among all those parties, Davido has only really identified with one, which is the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). During his uncle’s campaign for Osun gubernatorial election, he rocked a PDP customized Agbada. On several occasions, he has visited Atiku and Wike, all deep-rooted PDP members. Yet, OBO claims he’s not a party man.

In a recent IG post where he posed inside a private jet, he boldly stated again that he’s not a party man, even while rocking a customized PDP shirt. Many find it hard to take him by those words. Do you agree he isn’t a party man?

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