In light of the coming election, Nigerian superstar singer, Wizkid Ayo has taken to social media to dish out a valuable advice to his fans, imploring them to make good use of their heads while voting and not be cajoled to vote anyone.
He was particular about the endorsement of candidates by celebrities. According to him, most celebrities endorsing candidates are paid to do so. He rather advised His fans to independently decide who to vote and match out on February 23rd to do so. This advise has been widely received as much as it has been widely castigated. Wizkid wrote: 
“No let anybody wen don collect money influence ur vote to tell u who’s right or not! Use ur head! Vote wisely! I’m for whoever the people vote. Vote who you like. If u’re old enough to get a PVC, u’re old enough to think! Don’t sell ur vote. Ur vote can make a difference! Go out and vote! And Politicians wey Dey enter, stop joking with peoples lives!” 
Continuing his highly welcome political rant, the international starboy wrote: “You’re responsible for the lives of millions of people and ur decisions affect all. Help us make Naija a better place!!! Make una use una head! One Love!”

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