I have met too many men who are intimidated by women who 'know book' or are assertive about their opinions and frankly, it irritates me. 

Usually, a woman who knows her onions draws two types of responses from most men- either they ignore her or they try so hard to impress her and most times, fail. 

On the other hand, if you are trying to attract a woman with a different worldview and a big mind, then you should know the qualities that will turn her off. 

1. Mansplaining

This is simply when a man believes he is an authority on what is largely a female experience or when a man belittles what a woman feels. For example, saying that some women's fear of childbirth is not legit because others have gone through without as much as blinking. 

2. Fighting

You may think that flexing your muscles show that you are macho but honestly what she will see in you is an overgrown baby that can't control himself. 

3. Overprotectiveness

Any woman would be happy to know that a man is willing to stand up for her but you must also acknowledge that she is not some weak damsel in distress waiting on you to do everything for her. Sometimes, step back and let her handle herself. She has a brain, you know! 

4. Believing that feminists are anti-men

Personally, I prefer not to be labelled a feminist but I have still had men call me one and say it as if it is a dirty word. This would drive any intellectual woman mad. Learn to shut up and listen to her views instead of joining other misogynists to air lopsided views. 

5. Insulting

No woman likes insults, whether intellectual or not, even if the insult is directed at another woman. It just shows you lack respect for who she is primarily, a woman. 

I could go on and on but will stop here for now. 

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