Body fat the bane of our existence we hate it. We desperately want to get rid of it. But most of us don't realize that there is no Universal remedy for the fat distributed in the various parts of our body.

Well be ready for an eye-opener because we are going to share some Original and super effective ways to fight six different types of body fat, When we say original we actually mean it one of these ways is sleeping.
Oh, yeah, we've got your attention now.

Full upper body fat.

This type of fat usually starts to accumulate if you consume more calories than you burn So the main contributors here are overeating and inactivity. 

How to get rid of it

Do aerobics because this type of fat appears due to a lack of physical activity? Make it a part of your daily routine. Running or swimming at least thirty minutes every day will help you burn this fat right off. 
If it seems impossible for you to fit any of these in your busy schedule try brisk walking. Bring some music with you so that it won't feel so much like exercise you can even dance if you want to.

Stop consuming Processed sugar and forget about sugar sweetened drinks rather than making you full sweet foods and drinks just make you consume way too many unneeded calories.

Lower abdomen fat

You might have perfectly slim arms and legs. But still not feel 100% satisfied with your looks because of a Poochie tummy. Some of the reasons that cause fat to store in this part of the body or stress depression and anxiety. Yes stress and depression can even do that to you bummer how to get rid of it. 

Avoid stress and learn to relax the stress hormone cortisol makes fat collect in the belly so a good option for you is to meditate Or do some breathing exercises. When we say meditation we don't necessarily mean some fancy yoga class. That would be fantastic You can learn the most basic techniques and use them whenever you feel stressed out it's all about focus and mind power try to move your focus down to your stomach and let it soften as you breathe deeper.

 Lower body fat

Your hips really don't lie one of the causes of those annoying chapping thunder-thighs is an excess of gluten in your diet If you aren't happy with the size of your lower body you may want to consider going gluten-free.

how to get rid of it

walk up hills and stairs yeah in a world of elevators and escalators easier said than done right, but you really should make the effort because it'll set the fat on your thighs on fire figuratively of course which will tone your leg muscles. Riding a bike uphill or increasing the treadmills incline will also work your heart will beat faster and you'll have to work harder since you're moving upward. 

What will that do for you well you'll burn more of those unwanted calories Don't skip breakfastI know our modern-day gogogo lifestyle means sitting down to have breakfast sounds like a thing of the past. It can be hard to make yourself eat in the morning especially something healthy like oatmeal get that thumbs up if you agree. But you have to do it for your own good. 

If you don't eat breakfast to kick start your metabolism in the morning you'll feel hungrier more tired and just groggy throughout the day which will trick your body into eating more in an attempt to get energy?Also, if you skip breakfast your body will think it's some kind of starvation situation and will start storing supplies turning everything you eat into fat.

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