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5 Signs of Low self-esteem in a man

Recently, I wrote on the signs of low self-esteem in women which they should avoid at all costs. In that article, I led with the fact that men suffer low self-esteem too. It is not a gender-based thing but the way it shows itself differs.

These are the signs of low self-esteem you should watch out for in a man.

1. He tries too hard

It is good to have big goals but a man who always goes big or goes home, even in things that don't matter most likely has esteem issues. From the trending clothes, huge houses he doesn't need, a sports car, etc.

2. He is overly critical
It is good if he corrects you occasionally but when it is all he does, it may be a sign. There is no way you can be that bad at stuff.

3. He isolates you
This sounds very manipulative but it is not from a place of power. He is worried that you might leave him so he tries to keep you all to himself and cuts you off from other relationships.

4. He talks little about himself
At first, you might be flattered that he says you are too good for him but when he gets self-deprecating, saying stuff as he will never measure up to you then it shows he thinks very little of himself.

5. He doesn't celebrate your success 
This is like he constantly jealous of you. You just got a big win but somehow, he makes it about himself and all the things he has not been able to achieve. It is obvious that he is intimidated by you and he may go as far as keeping you down.

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