Igbos only think they are being marginalised. If only they knew! God is using the marginalisation of Igbos for His purpose.

I met an Igbo mayor of a major American city. Many Igbo are mayors/MPs in Europe. An Igbo is being considered as a future British PM. Like Jews, the more you marginalise Igbos locally, the more they leave to thrive globally.

It is the destiny of the Igbo race to restore the fortunes of the Black Race worldwide. Their crucifixion is meant to prepare them for their benediction.

‪I don’t know if Igbos understand their power. If every Igbo man, woman and child living in Nigeria returns home for a year, the economies of 5 geopolitical zones may collapse.

You can’t say this about any other ethnicity. Treat Igbos well. Not for their sake. But for your region’s sake.‬ A liability consumes more than what he produces.

The Igbos are not like that. Wherever they go, they produce more than they consume. In accounting terms, that makes them an ASSET wherever they are.

Do you agree with Him?

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