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Timaya expresses shock over APC flawless win over PDP

Just like most Nigerians, the Egberi Papa One of Bayelsa has expressed shock at the figures being presented as the votes that were cast by Nigerians in favor of APC. Timaya thinks there was foul play in the polls.

The one thing that has stunned Nigerians the most are the number of votes that were recorded to have come from the states which were most plagued by Boko Haram.
From a logical point of view, those are the states which would despise Buhari and APC the most. But as it turned out, they seemed to love him the most and that’s questionable.

Timaya took to his IG page to express his shock over the figures that came in from states like Yobe and other states most hit by Boko Haram Terrorists.
He, however, made a joke out of it by sharing a hilarious video on his Instagram handle which he captioned: “INEC, APC, PDP, Nigeria Election Nawa.” Many celebrities stopped by the comment box.

In the video, Timaya is dressed like an old lady and walking hilariously around. When asked why he was being awkward, he replied: “APC wants to kill us. I can’t imagine where they got their votes from.”

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