3 Important ways to make your Man happy

Ladies, you shouldn’t always be on the receiving end of your man’s love! It is also essential you give back the love you receive in large proportions; ’cause while some men need to be told of their partner’s love, others want daily reassurance of their love to keep them going.

If you’ve not been telling or reassuring your significant other just how much you love him and you’re interested in knowing ‘how to’, easy! Just check out these ways of showing that person your love. Remember, expression or show of love and affection doesn’t end with Valentine’s day, it should be an everyday affair for couples.

Please him
You need not sacrifice so much in order to please your man; pleasing him starts from doing little things that matter like giving him your undivided attention, whipping up his favorite meal to make him know you still care about winning his heart. You can also take out time to get all dressed up in what would catch his eye just to make him know you still want to look good for him.

Compliment him
Remember just how you feel when your man douses you with sweet compliments on your looks, cooking or whatever; make that man feel good about himself also by giving him accolades on those little things you’ve always taken for granted, e.g., his looks, strength, virility, sexuality, etc.

Satisfy his sexual urges! 
If your man has always wanted to go ‘downtown’ with you but you’ve always been it, you might want to be more open to things that would give him great pleasure in bed in order to express the depth of your love! So, let that man explore the length, breadth, and height of your body missy! If you don’t, someone else will.

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