11 Funny but popular women hairstyles

Let’s talk about hairstyles today. Let’s get to know you better. How many hairstyles do you know? How many have you done so far since you were born? What is your best hairstyle? 
Today, we will check out some hairstyles in Nigeria and how funny the names of these hairstyles may sound. LOL! Most of us are familiar with some of these hairstyles. In any case, let us see.

Telephone Wire

This is one of the most popular hairstyles in Nigeria and very common among children who are about to clock to 5. That is why it is called the nation’s 5th birthday hairstyle.  Doesn’t the name sound funny or amusing? 


The koroba is another popular hairstyle, but mostly among the Yorubas. If you watch or see most Yoruba village movies, you will see this type of hairstyle. It is called an inverted shuku because it is the reverse of the shuku hairstyle we are familiar with. The hair is braided downward from the middle of your head on all sides of the head, forming a basket-like shape. 
From the name, it means ‘clap’ when translated from Yoruba because the hairstyle looks like clapped hands. However, it doesn’t belong to this particular set of people because even the Igbos do it. For example, this is one of Chimamanda Adichie’s favourite hairs—and she is an Igbo woman. 
Police Cap
This is another funny hairstyle among Nigerians. The hairdresser braids the hair to the front and drops it down over the fore hair of the person, forming a beret. No wonder it is called the police cap!
“What! I can’t plait shuku.” This is exactly what you hear from most of our aunties. But as we age, we get to know that this is just one of the best hairstyles so far because we won’t stress ourselves plaiting them.

Abeti Aja (Dog ears)
As the name implies, the hairstyle is braided to form two parts, known as dog ears. The name is so funny!
This hairstyle when translated means to pile up. It was majorly fixed back then by would-be-married women. 
Ojokopeti (Rain don’t beat the ears)
This one is very funny oh! Rain don’t beat the ears?! This hairstyle is made by plaiting from one ear, then knotting across the other ear. 
Boys Follow Me
Another funny name for a hairstyle, indeed. This hairstyle was very common among ladies back then. It is the combination of patewo, base, and all-back.
Eko Bridge
This one too is awfully funny. It actually mimics the real Eko (Lagos) bridge. It is made by dividing the hair down into several sections. Then each of the sections is wrapped with a rubber thread and twisted, forming a bridge on the head of the lady. 
National Theatre
This hairstyle looks much like the National Theatre at Iganmu, Lagos State. It is quite similar to police cap (we discussed this in the previous article) with panumo on the left and right-hand sides of the head. 

I am one thousand and one percent sure that many ladies didn’t know the names of the hairstyles in this article until they saw them. 
Consider some of these hairstyles and think of the one you can do this month. I bet you it is just one of the best for you. 

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