That after-sex glow is a thing after all! All that romping under the sheets will not only satisfy your sexual urges but is also guaranteed to affect your skin health positively.  Here’s more reason why you should incorporate intense love-making with your partner into your beauty routine. 
Skin glow-up
Your body releases truckloads of estrogen which is responsible for improving healthier hair and skin when you get some action down there more often. The added bonus here is that having sex on a regular enhances collagen production which diminishes the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin supple and firm.
Frequent sex doubles up your overall appeal
Thanks to the fact that your body produces pheromones with every orgasm you have during sex, and when you have sex say three or more times in a week be prepared to have almost every male five meters around you irresistibly drawn to you.
Natural breast enhancement 
Studies show that the breasts take up 25% increase during sex! So there, if you’re trying to achieve some cleavage in your LBD tonight and your perky modest bosom won’t cut it, what you need is some coupla orgasms in bed with your honey-bunch, not a push-up bra.
Sex won’t pay your bills unless you’re aerr… (your guess is as good as mine), however, it can get you off your sulky, depressed state in a flash thanks to all the feel-good chemicals that get released when you’re blown to orgasmic pieces while having sex.

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