Because some folks out there are still oh-so-innocent to think the outside world isn’t as bad as the society paints it, and go about mouthing off their dirty laundry in public, citing off their entire bio to anyone who cares to listen; well, here’s a head-up y’all, do yourself a favor by keeping some things about yourself ‘mum’. 
some persons don’t really care that much to listen and chances are that those who lend a listening ear might misunderstand you, use your personal info against you and more.
Yeah, you get the gist. Keep your lips sealed about stuffs like these
Your net worth
Unless you are neck-deep in cash, it’s all over the news then you really shouldn’t brag about the number of landed properties you have, how much you earn, the number of zeroes in your credit balance and all that. Throwing your wealth in people’s faces might make you appear to have a serious case of low-esteem, also you might be perceived to be an attention whore, shallow-minded and all.
Your good deeds
Sure, your intention might be to inspire people to also act humanely like you next time they bump into someone in need but know straight up that good deeds are valuable when left untold.
Family issues
Almost every single person out there is sidled with a challenge in their family, some have it in little doses while some are toppled over with the weight of their family issues. Truth is sharing stuff with others might help lessen your burden considerably however you might want to keep sensitive issues like this in your inner circle

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