With the ongoing trend of natural hair, relaxed hair has been sort of relegated to the background. People now hold fast to the belief that healthy, luxuriant hair can only be achieved with their nappy hair.

Well, if you’re not hyper over joining the natural hair wagon just yet then you really need to discover ways of maintaining healthy relaxed hair because your straight tresses require even more special treatment due to their processed nature.

Here are some helpful tips on how to maintain healthy relaxed hair.

Go for no-heat styling
Heat treatments only dry out your hair when you become attached to them, keep the heat on the low or go for hairstyles that don’t require heat like braids, buns, and updos.

Condition regularly
Chemical treatments used in straightening the hair tend to strip it of its natural oil; always follow up your relaxer treatments with top-quality hair conditioners and moisturizers to restore much-needed moisture to your mane. Deep conditioning and hot oil treatments are also quite effective in helping you maintain healthy moisturized hair.

Regular trims 
In achieving healthy processed hair, trimming your hair ends is also important. Get rid of split and dry ends because they could cause hair breakage if ignored.

Wrap and protect at night
The best thing you can do for your hair before sleeping at night is wrapping your tresses in a silky scarf or wearing a satin bonnet. This ensures your hair gets extra protection all night and you might not need to get that curling or flat iron to it in restoring order to it the following day.

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