Of course, you would not deliberately do anything that will push your partner away. 
This is why this article is about habits that can negatively affect your relationship if you don’t let go of them. You may not know that you are doing them but seeing them in this list will bring them to your notice.
1. Lack of empathy
You may have warned him before but when he is down is definitely not when you should kick him. What you should do is to put yourself in his shoes and offer comfort. If your partner does not feel like he can rely on you for support or compassion then he will look elsewhere or close off from you.
2. Excessive criticism
You may naturally be a critical person and like to weigh the pros and cons of everything but sometimes, let yourself go because if you are excessively critical then your partner will always see you as a kill-joy. Watch it that it is not only complaints and criticism that escapes your lips most of the time.
3. Ignoring your partner’s complaints
Sure, you should not be overly critical and he shouldn’t either but if he is making a valid point then you should listen to him. You should make him feel like you are taking his complaints into consideration, especially if he keeps complaining about a particular thing over and over.
4. Never dropping your phone
One of the most annoying things in modern times is how often the phone interferes with real-life relationships. If you are always on your phone or allowing things that happen on social media come between you two then that will push him away.
If any of these become a habit, then the effects on the relationship could be devastating in the long run and far-reaching. 

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