Breastfeeding is good for the baby; most people know that. This does not mean that those who decide not to breastfeed are bad parents because the formula is a healthy alternative. 
However, there are some benefits of breastfeeding that we seldom talk about and it is time we did. The truth is that breastfeeding can be beneficial to both mother and child, and you are about to find out how.
1. Lowers the risk of SIDS
SIDS refers to sudden infant death syndrome. It is not clear why exactly it happens but there are risk factors that have been associated with it. Luckily, preventive measures have also been identified and one of them is breastfeeding. Experts say that breastfeeding for the first 6 months, even if it is non-exclusively, greatly lowers the risk of SIDS.
2. Plays a huge role in your baby’s digestion
Breast milk helps in stopping your baby from being constipated or developing acid reflux because breast milk is perfect for the baby’s delicate digestive tract.
3. Reduces the risk of ear infections
This is largely because the milk contains all the nutrients that your baby needs to grow up hale and hearty.
4. Convenience
You may not be able to whip out your breast everywhere to feed your baby but it sure helps that you have food with you wherever you go, one that contains all the needed nutrients and is always at the perfect temperature. 
5. Helps with childbirth recovery
I already said that is not about the baby alone. Of course, we would talk about you too. The American Academy of Paediatrics says that breastfeeding mothers tend to recover from childbirth more quickly than others who don’t. This is because of the hormone oxytocin which is released during breastfeeding. It helps the uterus return to its normal size quickly and reduces postpartum bleeding.
Trust me, there are other benefits of breastfeeding you haven’t heard of but I will bring you up to speed.

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