You may not realize it but most times, the work stress that you complain bitterly about is caused by the terrible co-workers you have.
Bad colleagues can be toxic to your mental health (which can go on to affect your physical health) and productivity. The truly amusing thing about all this is the fact that almost everyone has had an experience with a terrible co-worker.

Let us take a look at the common types of terrible coworkers that most people have to deal with.
1. The Chatterbox
There is always that coworker that never takes a hint to keep quiet, even when you are obviously busy. You may not even have to ask a question to get them talking nonstop. They are usually loud and end up distracting you from your work.
2. The Flirt
Almost every office has that guy that wants to sleep with any girl he sees. Even if he does not sleep with them, he enjoys making a pass at everyone. On the flip-side, the office flirt may also be a lady who does not mind sleeping around for fun or using her body to get what she wants.

3. The Bully
Sometimes, the bully is your boss and then you end up feeling powerless against him. Other times, it is a normal coworker who believes he or she knows better than everyone else and intimidates people into doing their will.
4. The couch potato/ clueless one
Whether you work in the private sector or not, more often than not, there is always a lazy coworker who forces everyone else to pick up their slack. If they are not lazy then they are just clueless. They are the kind of people that will always ask how to sue the printer no matter how many times you show them.
5. The backstabber

They believe in getting ahead by bringing others down because they always feel threatened.
Now the question is: what do you do about these terrible coworkers?

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